ATTAIN Computer Lab

ATTAIN Computer Lab

Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking (ATTAIN), is a network of technology laboratories located across New York States’ most economically challenged urban and rural communities.

ATTAIN provides access to new technologies, education, and technology training.

The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center ATTAIN Lab supplements all REOC programs with course work in Customer Service, Lifelong Learning Skills, High School Equivalency preparation, and Digital Literacy. The lab is also an Official Microsoft Office Specialist testing lab, where training is offered in preparation for certification in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

Using state-of-the-art technology, ATTAIN labs offers occupational, academic, and self-development courses. ATTAIN provides all New York State residents with the ability to:

  • Receive personalized pre-employment and job readiness training;
  • Increase employment opportunities and wages by using high quality vocational, customer service and life management software;
  • Supplement work experience by enrolling in basic skills, ESL, GED, and computer literacy sessions;
  • Initiate online job searches; and Prepare and submit resumes to potential employers electronically.

The ATTAIN Lab offers all this with no income requirements to be met.

  • GED Prep Software
  • Customer Service Software Training
  • Vocational Training Support for REOC Programs such as Medical Secretary, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Culinary Arts
  • Lifelong Learning Skills Software
  • 24 Lab Computers and 8 Library Computers
  • Digital Literacy
  • Microsoft Office Training and Certification

College and Career Readiness
The number of job postings in the cloud computing industry is growing so rapidly that there aren’t enough qualified workers available to fill the positions. Get certified and be part of the solution.

Get hired
Eighty-six percent of hiring managers indicate IT certifications are a high or medium priority during the candidate evaluation process. (CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, January 2011)

Get recognized
Sixty-four percent of IT hiring managers rate certifications as having extremely high or high value in validating the skills and expertise of job candidates. (CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, January 2011)

Get ahead
In a survey of 700 IT networking professionals, 60 percent said certification led to a new job. (Network World and SolarWinds, IT Networking Study, October 2011). Training and certification will play essential roles in preparing IT professionals for the evolving IT org. (IDC/Microsoft, Climate Change: Cloud’s Impact on IT Organizations and Staffing, November 2012)

Certification Develops Essential Skills
“I’m responsible for a team of 30 people. My company is growing and growing. When we hire someone new, we check out his certifications as well as experience. People who are not certified are dropped from consideration. ”
– Peter De Tender | Infrastructure architect | Belgium