Each student is assigned a Program Counselor upon enrollment at REOC. Counseling services are available to each student. Program Counselors assist students with personal, family, health and social services concerns as well as academic and career advisement. Counselors serve as a referral source and can provide information regarding legal aid, housing assistance, health care, and other important information.

Conversations and counseling sessions between the student and counselor are confidential. Any time a student has concerns, they are highly encouraged to seek the guidance and support of REOC counselors.

Program counselors have knowledge of services that are available to assist students with disabilities. It is the responsibility of the individual student to disclose a disability and seek out services and accommodations.

View some helpful videos on popular topics below.

Our Counselors

Counselors have specified day and/or evening hours that are posted at the entrance of the Student Life suite.


Counselor Name

Telephone Number


E-mail Address




Christopher Lopez





Steven Fugle





Amber Rivera



CPP, ESL, HSE, PVS, Special Accommodations


Keniel Ferguson



BAR, ESL, HSE, TAP, ETC, ATP, IOP, Male Initiative



When Things Get Hard

This video reminds us that we can make it through hard times.  There are times that you want to give up, that’s when you have to try harder.  You can always turn things around!

When it Hurts

This video focuses on you.  Get motivated, get rid of everything that stops you from leaving your mark in this world.  Be your own strength and give strength to others.  We all struggle – live, breathe, life, you!

You Owe You

You owe you!  Winners win and losers lose.  Stop being a victim.  Find out what you want and work towards it.


Missing Ingredient to Self-Care

In this video you will hear how stress can affect your health and learn how to breakdown your self-care routines. You will also learn what factors may affect how self-care is shaped by the world around us.

Motivational Self-Care

In the following video, you will find a motivational approach to self-care.

Self-Care Step-by-Step

In this video, you will learn about lack of self-care leading to burnout. You will see a step- by-step guide to self-care.

Time Management

Time Management is Lame. Be Productive in School.

In this video you will learn a different way of thinking about managing time.  So take out a pencil, a piece of paper and get ready to do the math! “Time Management is Lame. Be Productive in School”

Cultural Sensitivity

People of different cultures have unique beliefs, values, and practices. These differences make it challenging to offer health care that accommodates each individual. Some members of religious groups don’t believe in certain types of treatments, while other people may respond to pain and illness in unique ways. Those working in the health care field, particularly in nursing, must be aware of cultural differences and use sensitivity when treating each patient. As you work toward your LPN program, keep the following areas of awareness and sensitivity in mind:

  • Faith and Religious Beliefs
  • Social and Economic Sensitivity
  • Trust and Respect
Cultural Competence

We are going to watch a video that shows the cultural competency. It’s not easy to overcome your own cultural worldview when treating patients, but it is a critical skill to develop for all within the nursing field.

Dealing with Difficult People

Finding Confidence in Conflict
Director of the American negotiation Institute, Kwame teaches us about an alternative way to resolve conflict. Kwame Christian is a business lawyer and the director of the American Negotiation Institute. In this role, he serves as a negotiation consultant for attorneys and for companies closing large business deals.
Use It, Defuse It
The #1 source of pain on a team, or in any relationship, is conflict. What if conflict wasn’t good or bad? What if conflict was an energy source your team could harness to produce innovative, creative, and transformational results? Invest 18 minutes learning the two magic ingredients and how you can put them to work with any team you care about.
Keeping Your Cool
Difficult people show up in many different forms. We often have to deal with difficult & challenging people, which can lead to stress and anxiety, drastically affecting your mood.