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Can I enroll in a different program if I have already completed one?

Upon completion of an REOC academic or career and technical program, each student is expected to obtain employment or further their education. Once a student completes an REOC program, the student is not allowed reentry into that same program.

If a student has completed an academic program, the student may talk to their instructor for possible referral to a REOC career and technical program. This additional training is available to support REOC’s mission of upward mobility for students. Employment in the field of training is expected upon completion of REOC programs.

A minimum of one year employment is required before a student will be considered for additional REOC training.

If a student is dropped or withdraws from their program, the student must contact the Admissions Office to seek possible re-admission. Re-admission is based on both seat availability within the program and a student’s REOC enrollment history. There is no guarantee that a student will be re-admitted to a program.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If a student has been dismissed/ terminated from their program, has been in violation of the REOC Student Code of Conduct (or the REOC Building 34 Rules and Regulations), the student will NOT be readmitted into REOC without a written request from the student, and prior approval from the Dean/Executive Director or the REOC Director of Academic Affairs.