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A. Withdrawal
A student should withdraw from a class or program if they are no longer able to attend.
A student is allowed to withdraw up to the last week of class of a particular term. After
that point, a student will be given a grade by their instructor. If a student withdraws
from a class or program, it will appear as a “W” for withdrawal on student records
Students are encouraged to see their program counselor before making a formal
decision on withdrawing or leaving school. The counselor will assist the student to create
a plan for returning to school.
B. Drop
A student will be dropped from a class or program by their instructor or Department
Chair/Coordinator for violating REOC and/or program policy, not attending classes,
inappropriate behavior or disciplinary reasons.
C. Termination
A student is terminated due to violation of Zero tolerance and/or failure to adhere to the
conditions of a probation and/or contract.