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If a student disagrees with a decision made by an REOC official, the student can file a student
appeal, except if it is in violation of the Zero Tolerance policy. The student must file the
appeal within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of the occurrence for which they are
appealing. A student who wishes to file an appeal should contact their program counselor.
The following steps are followed for a student appeal:
A. The REOC Student Appeal Form will be completed by the student and submitted to the
Chairperson of the Student Appeals Committee within 24 hours (excluding weekends and
holidays) of appealed situation (i.e., drop or dismissal).
B. The Chairperson of the Student Appeals Committee (or designee) will set up the Student
Appeals Hearing. The hearing will include members of the Student Appeals Committee, a
program (department) representative and the student.
C. This committee will review any information provided by the student or department prior to
the hearing.
D. During the hearing, the student and department representative will have an opportunity to
discuss the incident and the reason for the appeal.
E. The student, department representative or Student Appeals Committee members may ask
questions for clarification.
F. The student and the department representative will be excused when the Student Appeals
Committee has collected enough information.
G. The Student Appeals Committee will discuss information gathered at the hearing and
forward their recommendations to the Dean/Executive Director within 24 hours (excluding
weekends and holidays).
H. The Dean/Executive Director or designee will review the committee’s appeal summary/
recommendations and will make the final determination on the appeal. The
Dean/Executive Director or designee will inform the student, the department
representative, and the Student Appeals Committee Chairperson of the final decision in
writing, within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).
Please Note:
Tele-Hearing: Student grievances may be held via Zoom. Hearings will be audio taped
as a matter of record.