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A student may be suspended when they violates any portion of the REOC Student Code of
Conduct and will be escorted from the premises immediately. Some violations are grounds for
immediate termination from a program. The student must leave the REOC Center or REOC
sponsored events and clinical/internship sites. Where appropriate, the school will also notify
appropriate authorities (i.e., Rochester Police Department).
REOC Administration reserves the right to suspend a student based upon mitigating factors.
If suspended, the student’s daily attendance record reflects their absence from class. The
Dean/Executive Director or designee reviews all student suspensions and has the right to
terminate a student from their program and/or their right to return to the REOC in thefuture.
A. Suspension Guidelines

  1. The student should understand the reason for the suspension.
  2. The REOC employee who suspends a student must complete the REOC Student
    Suspension Form indicating:
    a. Why the student is suspended;
    b. Recommendation for program dismissal (if applicable).
  3. The suspended student can receive a copy of the REOC Student Suspension
    Form at the time of suspension.
  4. The REOC employee will submit a written report on the suspension details to the
    Dean/Executive Director or the Director of Academic Affairs within 24 hours
    (excluding weekends and holidays) of the suspension.
  5. Within 24 hours prior to returning to class, the suspended student MUST contact
    the Dean/Executive Director or the Director of Academic Affairs to review classroom rules, regulations and expectations.
  6. As a result of the incident, the student may be dismissed/terminated from the
    program immediately. If this is the case, the Dean/Executive Director or the
    Director of Academic Affairs will discuss the situation with the student and
    determine the final outcome