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Any student engaging in any of the following behaviors while they are attending classes or
representing REOC at an off-site location or function will be terminated from the Center
immediately and will not be allowed re-entry into REOC. REOC enforces a ZERO
TOLERANCE policy for REOC owned or controlled property, at events, clinical/internship
sites, or at a REOC-sponsored or supervised function including:
A. Possession, display or use of alcohol.
B. Possession, display or use of drugs and/or illegal substances.
C. Possession, display or use of weapons or firearms.
D. Unprofessional conduct as indicated by gambling, the use of profanity, verbal
and/or physical abuse, bullying, harassment, stalking/intimidation, or other
indirect/direct threats, by any student to another student, faculty, staff, or REOC
E. Use of Internet sites that REOC administration considers pornographic, unlawful or
otherwise inappropriate for an educational setting.
F. Dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism, in any academic instance.
G. Knowingly falsifying information to the REOC activities or classes, such as forgery,
alteration, or misuse of REOC documents, records, or identification.
H. Obstruction or disruption of REOC activities or classes.
I. Theft, defacing, damaging, or maliciously destroying any REOC property is prohibited.
J. Unauthorized entry to, or use of, REOC facilities.
K. Disorderly, lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct or expression on REOC-owned or
controlled property or at a REOC sponsored or supervised function.
L. Exhibiting inappropriate conduct at a clinical or internship site.
M. Leaving a clinical or internship site without the permission of the instructor.