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JOB TITLE: Cleaner / Part-Time / Library SALARY RANGE: $15.69 to $17.91/Hourly DEPARTMENT/BUREAU: Rochester Public Library / Lyell Branch


Sweeps and dust mops hard surface floors, hallways, stairwells, and entranceways; Dust, polishes, and cleans office furniture, electrical fixtures, woodwork, stair railings, radiators, and
venetian blinds; Washes marks, stains, and fingerprints from walls, tables, chairs, desks, cupboards, counters and glass; Vacuums carpets and stuffed furniture; Empties wastebaskets, and pencil sharpeners into large trash containers; Fills dispensers with disposable paper product; Secures and locks windows and office and doors; Turns off lights and unplugs small electrical appliances; Straightens offices; May wash windows.


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS AT 5:00 PM ON Monday, August 31, 2020. APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH THAT DATE IN ROOM 103A, CITY HALL. PLEASE BE CERTAIN THAT YOUR APPLICATION IS COMPLETE AND DESCRIBES ALL RELEVANT EXPERIENCE. APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED BASED UPON THE INFORMATION SUPPLIED. Resumes may accompany but will not be accepted in place of a City of Rochester employment application. Applications may be obtained at City Hall, on the City’s website:, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Human Resource Management, City Hall, 30 Church Street, Room 103A, Rochester, NY 14614.

Application must be received or postmarked by the final filing date, otherwise, this application will be rejected.

To apply for this job please visit