Teaching Assistant

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This staff person will be primarily accountable to the Director of Children’s Ministries with daily accountability to the classroom Teacher. He/she will be expected to be a team player and good communicator with all teaching staff, Hope employees, ministry leaders, volunteers, and parents. The Preschool Teacher Assistant will work with the classroom Teacher to establish a classroom that is spiritually based, educationally sound, and child centered.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 15-20 hours
Responsibilities and Duties:

General Ministry Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Provide Christ-centered, biblically guided leadership for children’s ministries; which supports the mission, vision and philosophy of ministry of Hope Church.
  • Support the goals and objectives of the Hope’s Christian Preschool ministry.
  • Be an encourager of the children in all that they do.
  • Be an encourager of parents, communicating frequently and enthusiastically.
  • Be an encourager of other staff and a team player.
  • Is expected to be present for Morning Prayer (8:30 AM) on all assigned morning workdays.
  • Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:Be proactive to assist in the classroom whenever necessary in any way that promotes a smooth, stress-free day for the children.
  • Offer opportunities throughout the day to share God’s love with the children.
  • Help to provide a calm and loving environment for the children to learn and play.
  • Help to provide an atmosphere that challenges them while allowing them to grow in their own unique way.
  • Assist to maintain the safety of the room and make the Teacher aware of any safety concerns. If harm is eminent, remove/act on safety concerns immediately. This would include but is not limited to:Broken toys/wet floor/broken or unsafe equipment, including the playground and gym.
  • Children’s behavior that could become a safety or serious discipline issue.
  • Be alert to the needs and/or problems of the children as individuals and as a group.
  • Share knowledge of special needs or problems of the individual children with the teacher.
  • Refer all parent comments or concerns to the classroom teacher.
  • Anticipate classroom problems and concerns and take steps to correct and improve the situation.
  • Ensure all preschool policies are being followed daily.
  • Remain current in CPR, First Aid, and child abuse detection and prevention.
  • Report any case of suspected child abuse or neglect to the Child Abuse
  • Hotline or to Director of Children’s Ministries.
  • Attend all meetings and school-related events.
  • If responsible for the children that are not potty trained, will follow proper preschool policies for such duties as:Changing diapers and/or pull ups
  • Assisting children with changing clothes if necessary
  • If needed, must be available for Summer Camp as requested.
  • Assist Teacher with the scholastic book (usually one order per year).
  • Teachers and Teacher Assistants are responsible for maintaining all procedures, lessons, crafts, and activities so that we present a consistent program for all the families.

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

  • Work requires sufficient physical strength, agility, endurance, dexterity and hand eye- foot coordination to perform all essential duties.
  • Work requires sitting for long periods of time, standing, walking, stooping, kneeling, crawling, bending, turning, reaching, and balancing.
  • Requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push objects or materials.


  • Must have a vital relationship with God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and worship at Hope Church on a regular basis; participation in a Life Group is desirable.
  • Must feel called (lead) to the position, have a love for children, be passionate about ministry with youth, and have a heart for reaching the lost with the gospel.
  • Must have a growing relationship with Christ, a love for Scripture, and be able to communicate the truths of God’s word clearly and effectively.
  • Well-documented hands-on experience working with children in a school or childcare setting, must include at least one year with preschool children.
  • Be especially able to relate to children through communications and teaching style while providing a calm and loving environment for the children to play and learn.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (written and verbal) with ministry leaders, staff, volunteers, and parents.
  • Must be a self-starter, as well as a team player, with strong initiative, work ethics, and the ability to manage multiple duties.
  • Must have a teachable heart.
  • Must be able to make decisions in a fast-paced environment that is always changing.
  • Must be organized and have demonstrated time management skills.
  • Minimum of high school education, but a plus for certificate/training in Early Childhood education.

To apply for this job please visit jobboard.rochesterworks.org.