COVID-19 Student Daily Symptom Checker Policy

COVID-19 Student Daily Symptom Checker Policy


Rochester EOC (REOC) has implemented student daily symptom checking measures aimed at limiting the transmission of disease, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent pandemic. Decisions are guided by many factors including but not limited to: the epidemiology of the disease, the disease’s response (if any) to anti-viral or other medications, the availability of effective medications, specific at- risk groups, and the proximity of confirmed infection to a particular locale.

The REOC Dean/Executive Director, in consultation with SUNY Brockport and the University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD), determined the appropriate initiation and requirement of daily symptom checking and other safety measures to implement. Federal, state, and local governing authorities may provide guidance in making the determination, and those authorities are likely to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. In addition, measure regarding social distancing and donning of personal protective equipment (PPE) have been implemented based on the epidemiology of the disease.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, REOC has adopted this COVID-19 ROCHESTER EOC STUDENT DAILY SYMPTOM CHECKER POLICY. This policy implements measures in order to ensure the health and safety of REOC’s community.


REOC Lobby Representative
ANY REOC employee that has been designated as the individual who will be performing entrance checks to the building.

All students are affected by this policy.


Completion of REOC Student Daily Symptom Checker
If attending on-site class at the REOC building or any on-site REOC-sponsored function* (eg., clinical or internship location), all students are required to adhere to the following:

    • Complete the REOC Student Daily Symptom Checker online at only on the days the student is scheduled to be on-site*.
    • Complete the REOC Student Daily Symptom Checker within two hours of arriving at the REOC building for class or any REOC-sponsored function (see above*). No student will be allowed to enter the building or attend an REOC- sponsored function unless the REOC Student Daily Symptom Checker has been completed.
    • Display the email confirmation and results to the REOC Lobby Representative indicating completion of the REOC Student Daily Symptom.
    • Remain at home if any question on the REOC Student Daily Symptom Checker is answered “Yes.” The REOC Dean/Executive Director or designee will follow up with the student.
    • Notify the instructor or supervisor if the student is remaining at home and not allowed to enter the building.

NOTE: If the student comes to REOC and shows the confirmation of the REOC Student Daily Symptom Checker to the REOC Lobby Representative and any answers indicate “Yes,” the REOC Lobby Representative will contact the REOC Dean/Executive Director or designee for assistance. Student will be advised if they are able to remain at REOC or further action is required.

In addition, all responses of either a raised temperature (> 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit/38 degrees Celsius) or any “Yes” answer on the symptom checker or questionnaire that requires a student or visitor to leave the premises must be documented by the REOC Lobby Representative and forwarded to the REOC Dean/Executive Director.

Failure to Comply
Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.

Reporting and Enforcement
All REOC employees are able to address students who may need reminding of adherence to the COVID- 19 ROCHESTER EOC STUDENT DAILY SYMPTOM CHECKER POLICY requirements. In instances where members of our community do not feel safe addressing or educating others about this policy, or if there are repeated violations of this policy, individuals should contact the office of the REOC Dean/Executive Director for assistance.

This policy will remain in effect until further notice.

Approval: September 23, 2020
Category Name: Student

Responsible Department: REOC Dean/Executive Director
Contact: Dr. Roosevelt Mareus

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By: REOC Leadership Team
Date: September 23, 2020