Sr. Barbara Lum Receives 2016 Outstanding Employee Award


Sr. Barbara Lum Receives 2016 Outstanding Employee Award

Congratulations to Sr. Barbara Lum on receiving The College at Brockport’s 2016 Outstanding Employee Award “Outstanding Service to Students”.

The Brockport Outstanding Employee Award recognizes the excellent service of employees to the College and its students.  Sr. Barbara Lum was the recipient of The College at Brockport Outstanding Service to Students award.  The Service to Students award was judged on a demonstrated and consistent outstanding performance to students outside the classroom.

Her colleagues nominated Sr. Barbara Lum with these words that spoke to her professionalism and service to the students, “Students, in their evaluations, speak to Sr. Barbara’s ability to help them feel confident, her caring demeanor, her calm spirit, and her clear instruction.” She not only teaches in the classroom, but also supervises students in their clinical experiences. She is actively involved with her community and with matters of health. She was a nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Selma, Alabama and provided care to those injured during the March at Edmund Pettis Bridge on “Bloody Sunday” in 1965. In 2015 she was recognized for her efforts by Congressman John Lewis and also had the honor of speaking at the United Nations in observance of the events during that era.

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