Emergency Telecommunications Program

Program Description

Students who complete the program will have the responsibility for answering emergency and non-emergency calls for police, fire, and emergency medical services and efficiently relaying the information to dispatchers. They will understand the working environment which includes: the stress of daily contact with life and death situations such as fires, murders, rapes, and assaults in progress; sitting for long periods including times with little call activity; having to remain calm and in control when speaking to people who are screaming, crying, or hysterical; being polite to people who are angry, abusive, or use foul language; strict adherence to rules and regulations; close supervision and constant evaluation of job performance.

According to the New York State Department of Labor Occupational Outlook, employment in the Finger Lakes region will have an annual average of 30% in openings from 2014-2024. The median salary is $43,550.

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