High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation

Program Description

The HSE Preparation Program at REOC is designed to prepare students to pass the GED®. The program instruction and class structure is based on the various achieve levels of the students. With at least five enrollment periods throughout the year and classes that run throughout the day, the HSE Preparation Program can accommodate a wide range of life styles and situations.

If you passed any New York State Regents exams before you left high school a GED® could be in your hands much sooner than ever before!

The GED® is the test New York State now uses to determine who gets a High School Equivalency diploma. In order to earn a GED® you must pass Math, Science, Writing, Social Studies and Reading.

New rules now allow you to use scores from ANY New York State Regents test you may have taken and passed at ANY time before you left school! REOC can help you earn your GED® in less time than you ever thought possible!

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