Pre-Vocational Studies

  • Instructor(s): Hendrix, Linda
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Program Description

The Pre-Vocational Studies (PVS) Program is designed for students who have been out of school several years or who prefer learning in a class setting. Program work is focused on the math and reading and writing skills needed to be successful students and test-takers. Important objectives in this program include increasing vocabulary as well as learning strategies to determine the meanings of unfamiliar words encountered while reading. Students are also prepared to demonstrate the principles of basic math through elementary algebra and learn how to use a scientific calculator. In addition, students in this course learn critical thinking skills needed for classroom and reading and math test success. Use of the computer and career awareness are also included in the program.

Normally, when REOC program applicants score below the required TABE scores needed, they must wait a year to re-test. Students enrolled in the PVS Program, however, may re-take the TABE test when the instructor determines they are ready. This is one reason why the course includes frequent practice tests – in order to determine readiness for the official TABE test. Another reason for many practice tests is the information revealed about students’ reading test weaknesses which can be addressed by independent study assignments.

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