Student Handbook

Welcome to the REOC Student Handbook review. In this area you will be required to review each of the following sections in their entirety, while paying special attention to the sections identified in the section description.

At the end of the handbook review, you must complete the Student Handbook and Planner Acknowledgment located at the end of this page. This Acknowledgement will confirm your review of the REOC Student Handbook and policies and your adherence to the content within.

Section One: Getting to Know REOC

, New Student Orientation Student Handbook, Rochester Educational Opportunity CenterIn reviewing this section, you will see the REOC Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Values, and Brand Promise. The Table of Contents will assist you in navigating throughout the sections of the entire handbook. A department location by floor assists in finding departments and locating services throughout the building. Please pay special attention to the Academic Calendar, which identifies special events throughout the year and also shows the start and end of semesters and academic break periods.

  • REOC Mission
  • REOC Vision
  • REOC Values
  • REOC Brand Personality
  • Table of Contents
  • Area of Location
  • Academic Calendar

Section Two: Student Services

The Student Services section of the REOC Handbook covers the responsibilities of each office. Be sure to review and read about how to:

  • request information from the Records & Registration Office
  • how to access services through the Learning Resource Center
  • how to get your taxes done for free at REOC
  • how to request a locker from security
  • and more!

Section Three: Rules, Regulations, and General Information

The areas in this section review important policies that apply to all REOC students, as well as providing helpful general information for new students.

  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Sexual Harassment policy
  • Dress Code
  • Emergency Information
  • Eating/Drinking policy
  • Student Lounge
  • Student IDs
  • Awards and Honors
  • Students with Disabilities

Section Four: Attendance, Grades, and Completion

It is very important for students to understand how attendance and grades will affect the ability to complete a program of study at REOC. Please review the policies for each of the topics in this section.

  • Attendance
  • Withdrawing from a Course or Program
  • Being dropped from a Course or Program
  • Completion

Section Five: Code of Conduct

Students at REOC are required to conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to uphold the good name of the REOC and that of fellow students. Students who are in non-compliance may be suspended and/or dismissed from REOC. Please review the policies in this section related to:

  • REOC Code of Conduct
  • Statement on Relationships
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Suspension/Dismissal
  • Student Appeal

REOC Tips for Student Success provides helpful tips for succeeding in your course of study and beyond.

Submit Acknowledgment

Finish the REOC Student Handbook Review by completing the Student Handbook and Planner Acknowledgment below. This will confirm your review of the REOC Student Handbook and policies and your adherence to the content within.